Battery Equalizers


The Equalizer prevents severe under and over voltage, common in series connections, which can compromise the performance, reliability, and life of your battery system.

Our Competitive Advantage:
  • Patented Passive Equalization Technology

  • Equalizes Batteries in a Series-Connected String

  • Multi-Module Daisy-Chain Connection for High Voltage System Configuration

  • Stackable/Parallelable for High Current Equalization

  • Appropriate for Sealed, AGM, & GEL Lead Acid Batteries

  • Customizable Cable Lengths & Terminations

Available Models:
  • 24V System, 2x 12V Battery, 3-Wire

  • 48V System, 2x 12V Battery, 3-Wire

  • 48V System, 4x 12V Battery, 5-Wire