VISTER Series Inverter & Inverter Charger

HDM's Inverter & Inverter Charger provides battery power to run onboard appliances and electronics, and then rapidly and cleanly charges your batteries when docked.

Our Competitive Advantage:
  • High Density

  • High Surge Capability

  • Superb Thermal Performance without Derating (Up to 52°C)

  • Watertight 3 PSI Design

  • Sleep Mode to Minimize Idling Drain Current

  • Multi-Staged Output Short Circuit Protection (Inverter Mode)

  • AC Input Surge Protection

  • Load Dump and Voltage Transient Protection

  • Thru-Bolt Mounting

Standard Product Features:


  • Watertight

  • Extruded Aluminum Case Construction

  • Conforms to Group 31 Battery Configuration

  • Appropriate for Wet, AGM and Gel (optional) batteries

  • Remote On/Off Switch

  • LED Status Indicators

  • Modified Sine-Wave

  • High surge capacity

  • Power Limiting

  • Automatic Transfer Switch

  • Input Reverse Polarity Protection

  • Input Low Voltage Shutdown

  • Input Overvoltage Shutdown

  • Output Short Circuit Protection

  • Output Overvoltage Protection

  • High Temperature Shutdown

  • Sleep Mode

  • Auto-Recovery Functions

  • Isolated Version Available



  • Standby Mode

  • Auto-Restart Mode

  • Overvoltage Protection

  • Short Circuit Protection

  • Current Limiting

  • Overload Auto Shutdown

  • Temperature Derated Charge

  • Auto Maintenance Mode

Testing Conducted:
  • Humidity Testing

  • Salt-Fog Testing

  • Vibration Requirements

  • ESD Immunity

  • Protection Against Dust

  • Resistance to Auto Fluids

  • High Temp Tests

  • Low Temp Tests

  • Thermal Shock by Splashing

  • Requirements for Electrical Connectors

  • Electrical Transients for 12V system

Available Models:



  • 12VDC In, 120VAC/60Hz Out

  • 12VDC In, 220VAC/50Hz Out

  • 24VDC In, 120VAC/60Hz Out

  • 24VDC In, 220VAC/50Hz Out

  • 1KW, 1.5KW, 2KW, 3KW (Case length may vary. Consult factory)


  • 120VAC/60Hz In, 12VDC/50ADC Out

  • 220VAC/50Hz In, 12VDC/50ADC Out

  • 120VAC/60Hz In, 24VDC/25ADC Out

  • 220VAC/50Hz In, 24VDC/25ADC Out